Direct Measure of Plant Health

Spectral reflectance is a direct & non-destructive measure of plant health. Plants absorb red light for photosynthesis and are highly reflective in the NIR under ideal conditions. Environmental stressors cause red reflectance to increase and NIR to decrease. Measurements are rapid, repeatable and non-biased.

Standardized for Enterprise-Wide Use

Our standardized data processing, storage and presentation are designed to support both in-house and outsourced research. Don’t worry about losing data as technicians, consultants and researchers come and go. Controlled sharing in real-time allows project managers to oversee a research program from their smart phone or desktop.

Data analysis instead of data mining

Our online system processes, cleans and displays data as charts, tables and maps allowing you to visualize results in real-time with the click of a mouse.

Access data anywhere

Our clients have an online user-interface and unique login credentials. Our secure cloud enables clients to access information and manage projects from any internet enabled PC or smart phone.

Real-time analysis

Don’t lose time data mining. Make the most of time and resources and capitalize on great results in real-time.  Avoid dead-end trials by recognizing problems in real-time rather than at the end of a trial.

Turnkey solutions

TurfScout provides a turn-key solution for equipment, data collection, handling, analysis and presentation. Our goal is to empower confident decisions by fast-tracking data into solutions.