New for 2014: The COMPLETE PACKAGE

This is the easiest way to begin taking advantage of objective plant health measurement. Spectral reflectance with the convenience of TurfScout® online data analysis. Our services can be integrated into your current studies and methodologies to improve results. The equipment is easy to use and our online data analysis keeps your studies summarized in real time.

This service can change the model of product development and accelerate innovation. Often, an interaction is discovered that merits further study. If data analysis is delayed until after the field season, typically a new follow up study is planned for the following year. With real time results, you can begin investigation without delay and get a jump-start on product development.

Make the most of your resources. You hire bright people to solve problems, let them be more effective by freeing them to answer your research questions instead of crunching numbers.

The complete package including a handheld sensor and online data analysis for 200 plots is $6,000. Sign up before the end of the Golf Industry Show (2/6/2014) and get an additional data analysis for 100 plots free.

Equipment: This package includes a Holland Scientific CS-45 RapidSCAN handheld sensor with integrated battery and data storage. The sensor measures three bands (670 nm, 730 nm and 780 nm) providing insight into plant health and moisture status.

Online Analysis: TurfScout® has experience in providing a high level of support and speed in returning useful analysis of spectral reflectance data in presentation-ready table and chart format. Just a few clicks and you have precise plant health information and trends.

Terms: The subscription based online data analysis service and equipment lease is good for one year from the receipt of equipment. Fees are due at least 5 weeks before the study and data analysis will commence.