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  2. "To begin practicing PTM, one needs to map and analyze data. Data maps are used to identify problems and delineate site-specific management units. Dr. Dana Sullivan of TurfScout believes that "superintendent involvement in delineating site-specific management units is critical to the success of PTM, because of their extensive knowledge of site conditions and history." TurfScout is one of a few companies involved in PTM. TurfScout provides the equipment to collect and the software to analyze site data."
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  2. "We have begun to integrate TurfScout into our turf research evaluation program as part of standard turf quality assessments," says David Spak is the biology manager at the Bayer Environmental Science Development and Training Center in Clayton, N.C. "TurfScout® allows us to rapidly and objectively screen new plant health promoters and compare the performance of disease management programs. We are steadily growing in confidence with this technology and believe that it will take us to the next level when it comes to non-destructive methods of evaluating turfgrass performance."
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  2. "TurfScout® is a service that applies cutting edge spectral data technology to commercial use in turf production, turf management and chemical development and testing. We use several types of on-the-market sensors that measure light reflectance from plant tissues, allowing us to calculate a health index such as NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index). NDVI has been studied since the mid 1960's as a way to measure plant health, but more recently sensors have been developed for field application."