Fast Track Research and Development with TurfScout®

Q. Do I need a computer to use TurfScout® service?
A. Yes, you can use our service from almost any computer with an internet connection.

Q. What computer skills are required to use the service?
A. The skills required to use the service are similar to downloading pictures from a camera, sending email, and using a web page.

Q. Can a sensor be mounted to a mower?
A. Yes. Aside from a standalone unit, the entire system can be custom-mounted to a riding or walk mower.

Q. How accurate is the GPS (Global Positioning System) information?
A. Accuracy varies depending on the quality of antenna reception and the type of signal correction used, but most of the time positions are accurate to within one meter.

Q. What time of day can the sensor be used?
A. Our sensors have their own light source and can be used day or night. We recommend establishing a set time for data collection. This is best if you wish to compare maps from one day to the next.

Q. I have a consultant that uses GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software, can you provide sensor data to my consultant?
A. Yes, in addition to daily maps and summaries, we can provide you with GIS format files.

Q. How large of an area does the sensor measure?
A. The area sampled with each sensor measurement, or pixel size, is about a square foot. The area sampled is dependent on the height at which the sensor is mounted and can be adjusted to suit our customer's needs.

Q. Does the system identify a specific cause of turf stress?
A. Turf stress can be caused by various conditions (moisture, nutrient, pest, etc.). Our system identifies stress, not the specific causes.