Web-User Interface

  • Sensor data can be complex, our online user interface makes analysis simple. Our UPLOAD tool cleans, labels and securely stores each dataset in seconds. Upon upload, instantly view maps, table summaries and charts.
  • Enterprise-wide solution – Project Managers can view results across many locations from a smart phone or PC using our controlled sharing features.
  • Don’t waste time data mining or risk losing valuable IP by waiting until the end of the season to evaluate a test.
  • COMING SOON a new dashboard and improved user interface, customized query tools, table and chart functions.


  • We support Holland Scientific’s line of crop sensors including: ACS210, ACS430, ACS470, RapidSCAN and the new Phenom.
  • All sensors record reflectance in the visible and near-infrared. The new Phenom also records canopy temp, leaf area index, chlorophyll content, humidity, air-temp, incoming PAR, and reflected PAR.
  • Sensors may be used in point and shoot mode or paired with a GPS and used to create maps of plant stress/health.


  • TurfScout provides end to end support from equipment selection to use and management of our online tools.
  • With some feedback from our client, we digitize boundary maps and set up files that are used to clean and label data on UPLOAD.
  • We thrive on feedback from our clients and strive to provide the most effective data management tools for your organization.